The costumer is… ANNI!
If some of you remember her, she was my very first Comic OC, that I used in an OC Battle, called BC Battle (BC because of a website we hosted the comics on, Bonnier Carlsen Manga, aka which was a really cool site until they closed it down in 2009. A lot of people we sad to see it gone.)
So Anni, yes.
The Original plot of Heritage were about how Sam’s mum went missing, but the same mum were Anni’s Mentor and somehow both of them thought the other caused the death of this mum (and Anni thought Sam killed her relatives as Anni’s mum were married to Sam’s ex husband. Oh wow, that plot was such a mess you have no idea…)
Anyway, today Anni just makes a small cameo because I thought it’d be fun tbh and I wanted to revisit the old character once again.

I also had this GRAND idea that I’d make 3 different webcomics, where all would be linked together in the end.
Like Phantom Vestigium would be about Timothy, Isaak and Anni. Anni would be pestering the two guys about what they were doing and they couldn’t tell her that she was about to die only to be part of their team, which they didn’t enjoy the slightest.

Pumpkin Seeds were about Sam, the serial killer and they’d end up “partnering” with some people from the Death Apartment, (you know, because Death is about an office where they make sure people die in a timely matter.)

Whispering In The Dark was about Tjarls (pronounced Charles, named after my dad’s uncle Tjarle), an Agent from Death Apartment who sucked at his job in grand total and instead of like doing his job, which he only did when he felt like it. But He was sent out to kill off Sam, but he, the once extreme serial killer, pedophile and whatnot he did to feel something, thought he could partner up with Sam so he could watch them kill people in order to feel the old pleasure once again.

It was supposed to be this super epic showdown where everyone killed everyone really but everytime I sat down to draw this, I felt something was missing, something wasn’t quite as fun until I came up with the plot of Heritage.

It’s kind of weird how Heritage had 3-4 different reboots until I felt satisfied with this one and it’s a complete joy to make <3